These days, it’s rare to find a GIC that pays even 2% for a one-year term. Government bonds offer similarly low yields even over a lengthy 10-year period. Other traditional investments such as equities and stocks are volatile in nature, which leaves investors searching for safer, more lucrative alternatives. By comparison, an annual interest rate targeting 8% on MICs is a much more attractive option. 



We’ve been doing this for a long time. Secure Capital’s management team has more than 80 years of combined experience in real estate and mortgage investments! We are meticulous in our selections of the most strategic mortgage investments within our portfolio. 


  • Our target compounded annual yield is an incredible 8.3%.

  • As of December 31st, 2020, our portfolio included over 300 mortgage loans with a value of approximately $40M.

  • Our disciplined underwriting process includes a thorough credit analysis.

  • The diversification of our portfolio mitigates overall risk.

  • Title insurance is obtained on every loan to ensure the safety of your investments.

  • Your mortgage portfolio is strictly monitored to ensure immediate action is taken upon any event of default.



  • Over the previous 15 years, we have a record of consistent and predictably high-annualized returns.

  • Our diverse pool of investments mitigates the risks associated with investing in single mortgages.

  • We have a targeted yield of 8% and 8.3% for our automatic dividend reinvestment plan.

  • An investment of $100,000 made in 2011 at Secure Capital MIC, doubled its value by 2020. 

  • As of December 31st, 2020, our portfolio included over 300 mortgage loans with a value of approximately $40M.

  • Our compounded annual yield of 8.3% is considered one of the best in the industry



You only need to meet two conditions to invest with us:

  • Qualify for a prospectus exemption

  • Purchase shares through a registered dealer

We proudly work with the following exempt market dealers:



SCMIC is based in the GTA, Ontario and was launched in 2007.

Founded and managed by an experienced management team, SCMIC offers:

  • A steady monthly income

  • The security of a mortgage-based investment

  • Very low volatility

  • RRSP, RESP, RRIF and TFSA eligibility 

  • An attractive alternative to income trusts

Be a part of an established industry that has been providing consistent above average returns for many years. If you are looking for a solid investment with reliable income, you have to consider SCMIC.

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Offering Summary

Below you can view our offering summary.

Securities Offered

Class A Preferred Shares

Offering Price


Offering Size

Up to $75,000,000

Minimum Investment



Accredited Investor and Offering Memorandum exemption


Anytime after 1 Year (60 day notice required)*

Targeted Yield

8.0% annual dividend (payable monthly)**, 8.3% Compounded DRIP Available

Accepted Accounts


Taxation to Shareholders

Distributions are considered as interest income and you will receive a T5

Closing Date

First day of each month

* Early redemption subject to fees –refer to the Offering Memorandum for more information
** There can be no assurances that target returns will be met

Factors to Consider With a MIC

Interest in MICs have grown over the years. MICs are often debt free and provide uniform dividends but you must be precautious before investing in a MIC. It is very important to keep the following things in mind while making the investment decision.

Regularity of dividends: MIC is the preferable option because it provides consistent returns. One needs to be sure that the MIC they are investing in has no suspended dividends so far, as it leaves the investor with nothing.

Experience and longevity: It is recommended to look for an experienced real estate team for a MIC. They must at least be aware of the ups and downs of the mortgage market.

Past portfolio performance: One needs to clearly analyze the mortgage portfolio performance. You need to determine the amount of capital the MIC has lost since the past and invest only if the results are shown to have been effective over time.

LTV: Loan to value ratio also determines the investment decision. A lower LTV diversifies the portfolio and minimizes the risk.

Regional variability: Economic conditions of an area also influences the MIC decision. Some regions do not have stable economic conditions hence one has to think twice about investing in real estate or making any other kind of investment.

Compliance information: One should only invest in a MIC which follows the regulations and complies with the code of conduct. All information on MIC rules has to be made public and information regarding the licensing, registration and regulations ought to be available on the internet.

Approval process: The way by which MIC selects mortgages and the criteria it chooses matters a great deal. MICs that have a high level of knowledge in management and staff in order to evaluate property themselves, must be a prime choice.



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