Mortgage Investing

Mortgage investments are a very popular option among investors who are looking for alternatives to traditional investments like equities, stocks and bonds, which can be volatile. If you are a prospective investor looking for an alternative investment vehicle, a MIC may be right for you.

A Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is an attractive option for investors who wish to benefit from mortgage investing opportunities in Canada, but do not have the expertise and time to manage their investments or who do not have the investment capital required to invest in individual mortgages on their own. An investment in Secure Capital MIC offers exposure to the Canadian mortgage market managed by a team of professionals dedicated to preserving capital and targeting steady income.

Why Invest With Secure Capital?

Secure Capital MIC is pleased to offer our mortgage investors access to a diverse pool of primarily residential mortgage investments that can be based in Toronto and Ontario as well as other provinces throughout Canada. Our team of financial experts aims to generate a consistent return on investment for our shareholders through our professionally managed portfolio. With more than 50 years of combined experience, Secure Capital’s management team has extensive experience in real estate and mortgage investments!

Our team strategically selects all mortgage investments that are part of the portfolio. All mortgages are backed by real estate located across Canada and Ontario. As a result, our investors benefit from more consistent returns and the security in knowing that their investment is well-placed. Investors in shares of Secure Capital MIC are eligible for registered accounts such RRSPs, TFSA and RRIFs.

If you are interested in investing in Secure Capital MIC, and qualify under a prospectus exemption, please contact us today for help finding a registered dealer licensed to sell Secure Capital MIC shares.

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