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Founded in 2007 by Sheri Kosturik, Sam Singal, and Leo Couprie, Secure Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation Inc. has over 80 years of combined experience in sourcing and managing mortgage investments. Focused in the Ontario market, we have funded over 2,500 loans, valuing in excess of $200 million dollars.  

Generating consistent returns since its inception, Secure Capital MIC provides opportunities to qualified investors through registered exempt market dealers.



Private Lending Solutions

We proudly deal exclusively with mortgage agents and brokers. We offer private second mortgages, first mortgage bundles, construction financing, and bridge financing services for residential mortgage brokers, in Ontario.

Investment Products

To avoid the volatility of stocks, we offer investors secure options with an attractive rate of return.

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Our Team

Managing Directors

Sheri Couprie Kosturik (sheri@securecapitalmic.com)
Director/President/Chief Executive Officer

Sheri Couprie Kosturik co-Founded Secure Capital MIC in 2007.   She has been an active member and participant in the mortgage industry since 2004.  Sheri brings nearly 20 years mortgage industry and private lending experience and is well versed in all aspects of mortgage lending, including mortgage underwriting, mortgage enforcement and mortgage portfolio management.   Sheri previously obtained her Mortgage Broker’s license under the Mortgage Broker’s Act and co-founded a mortgage brokerage in 2007, and owned and operated another mortgage brokerage from 2007 to 2010.

Secure Capital started with $2M of founder capital in 2007, and has achieved exponential growth, with the fund currently sitting with over $40M AUM.  Secure Capital has provided consistent high dividend returns of at least 8% APR over the last 14+ years in business.  

As a co-founder of Secure Capital MIC, Sheri meticulously oversees Secure Capital MIC operations.  She is always diligently analyzing the industry to keep investments safe, and Secure Capital MIC ahead of the curve.  With her extensive knowledge and experience, Sheri pushes the growth of the company to achieve larger milestones of success.

Sheri has completed the Partners, Directors and Senior Officers Exam offered by Canadian Securities Institute, in addition to the Exempt Market Products Exam by IFSE. Sheri is also a member of both MPC (Mortgage Professionals Canada) and CMBA Ontario (Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association Ontario).

Jaime Vilas (jaime@securecapitalmic.com)
Director and Sales

Jaime Vilas has been a top producing mortgage agent/broker since 2001 specializing in the alternative and private mortgage space.  Jaime has closed over 1000 private loans for his clients.  Jaime joined the Secure Capital MIC team in 2007 as their Business Development Manager, and has been a managing partner since 2014.

Jaime has been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years.  Jaime is always on the forefront in developing business strategies that will grow Secure Capital MIC.  He knows good relationships are the key to ensuring sustainable business, and keeps in touch with all Secure Capital MIC partners to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Sasha Singal (sasha@securecapitalmic.com)

Sasha Singal is a founding shareholder and Director at Secure Capital MIC.   He has been involved with the daily operations since 2012 and has helped build the foundation that makes Secure Capital a successful MIC.  Sasha has nearly 10 years mortgage industry experience and he has taken an active role and has extensive knowledge in managing every aspect of a MIC.

Sasha has been a licensed mortgage agent since 2013 and became a licensed mortgage broker in 2020 when he took over National Lending Link as the acting principal broker. He now manages the day-to-day operations of the mortgage brokerage and uses his private lending experience to help clients that do not qualify with the banks.

Sasha is a member of both MPC and CMBA Ontario. He graduated from the International Business program at Seneca College in 2011.

Joshua Singal (josh@securecapitalmic.com)
Director and Sales

Josh Singal has been with Secure Capital MIC since 2013, during his time he has learned the ins and outs of the private lending industry. Having a background in business and customer relations, Josh deals with brokers and borrowers for all mortgage related matters.

Josh’s skill and knowledge and prudent implementation of enforcement strategies, greatly contributed to the growth of Secure Capital, from $15M in 2013 to over $40M today. He has over 10 years of customer service experience which in turn provides all of our clients a sense of relief when dealing with stressful mortgage situations.

Josh also handles all marketing and branding for Secure Capital MIC using his design knowledge which he acquired through his involvement in community events and fundraisers over the last 10 years.

Recently Josh has taken on the role of Business Development Manager for Northern and Eastern Ontario. If he is not on the road closing deals you can find him going on adventures with his dogs or creating things in his woodshop but always available to help.

Broker Relations

Steve Lydon (steve@securecapitalmic.com)
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Steve is a knowledgeable mortgage industry professional and specializes as an alternative lender, which in short, is a small business lender that provides more approachable approval requirements and has a more versatile mortgage tool-belt.

With 35 years of experience in Canadian and U.K. mortgage markets, Steve has a unique international perspective of mortgage and real estate cycles. Steve has the proven ability to see clearly within the complexity of professional situations and delivers tailor-made solutions. He takes an interest in the development of people and products as a detail-oriented innovator.

Joe Lydon (joe@securecapitalmic.com)
Business Development Manager

Joe started off his career in the mechanical industry where he was a Truck and Coach technician, after an accident at work he was temporarily employed in the Parts/Sale department while he recovered.  This started his thought process of a change in occupation.  He went onto receive his mortgage license back in 2017 and became a mortgage agent, which started his first steps into the world of finance.  

Once he got the taste for sales, he was offered a position as an Advisor for Reliance Home Comfort where he was one of the top Advisors in Canada for 2 years.  Having been around family and friends in the Mortgage industry for a long time it was always his goal to get back into this field.  He is very enthusiastic to be back where he believes he can make a difference and he sets his goals high.  

Joe also has an amazing family behind him who supports and motivates him constantly to reach his goals.  With a love for music on his downtime you can find him rummaging through his vinyl collection to play a record or two and hang out with his dog.

Hollie Gardiner (hollie@securecapitalmic.com)

A graduate of Dalhousie University with a BCOM degree, Hollie has worked as a partner manager in the technology industry for over a decade, managing worldwide relationships with Microsoft, Citrix, and HP, with a focus on delivering measurable sales and marketing results.

Hollie joined the mortgage industry in 2016, and since then, she has worked with multiple private lenders, investors, and brokers. She brings excellent knowledge and expertise to the company with her experience working for small startups and two of the three largest software companies in the world.

Hollie has over 5 years mortgage industry and underwriting experience.  She ensures quality investments are selected for Secure Capital MIC investors by underwriting with a conservative approach relying on equity in real estate and lending short term.

Omari Alfred (omari@securecapitalmic.com)
Mortgage Officer

Omari Alfred joined the team in 2021. He brings over 5 years of financial service experience and a background of more than 10 years in customer service. He completed the Mortgage Agent Licensing Course in 2020 and has experience as a mortgage agent.

Omari uses the knowledge and skills he has attained to fuel his passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Investor Relations

Victor Brewda
Mortgage Investment and Construction Consultant

Part of the underwriting team for construction mortgages, Victor provides his expertise gained from 35 years in the private and subprime lending industry and being a manager with RBC.  He has extensive knowledge in construction and real estate.

Victor has an open door policy where he is happy to meet with clients face-to-face to answer any questions, he feels open communication with clients is the best policy, and ensure that clients are always in good hands.  

A construction company partner, licensed realtor (owner of Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Brokerage, Oakville Branch), and a member of The Law Society, Victor works to secure qualified mortgages that can meet strict underwriting guidelines.

Legal Department

Paricheher (Cheri) Mistry (pmistry@securecapitalgroup.ca)
General Counsel

Cheri Mistry has over a decade of real estate and mortgage lending experience with extensive experience in the private lending space. She is a member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2009. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and a J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School.   She has worked as a lawyer in Corporate and Firm environments and provides the company with a wealth of experience in private lending transactions and enforcement.

Cheri works directly with Secure Capital’s Underwriting Department to close mortgage transactions in a fast and efficient manner, all while protecting the interest of our Corporation and its investors. Her experience in mortgage financing,  mortgage enforcement, real estate and corporate law enables her to effectively contribute to all areas of the business and to Secure Capital’s ongoing success.

Susan Su (susan@securecapitalgroup.ca)
Law Clerk

Susan joined the team in 2018, and assists Secure Capital’s in-house legal counsel to complete mortgage transactions quickly and efficiently. Susan has over five years experience as a real estate law clerk, working in various law firm environments and brings a wealth of knowledge to private mortgage and second mortgage transactions.

She is integral to all the back-end administrative work of our legal department that ensures that the legal department runs smoothly and is the contact point for the various parties involved in a mortgage transaction.

Administrative Services

Jenny Wu (jenny@securecapitalmic.com)
Finance and Administration

Jenny has been with Secure Capital MIC Inc. since 2010.  Jenny is primarily responsible for the day-to-day administration and accounting functions of Secure Capital MIC Inc.  She manages the daily and monthly cash requirements including interest collection, dividend payments and mortgage advances.  Jenny ensures accurate accounting records are maintained while working with our auditors to ensure ongoing compliance with financial reporting obligations.  

With over a decade of experience here at Secure Capital, Jenny has also successfully completed the Exempt Market Products Exam.

Tiffany Lam  (admin@securecapitalmic.com)

Tiffany joined the team in 2018 and is a valuable addition to our company as our receptionist and in performing general administrative duties.


See what our satisfied agents  have to say about us!

Ghummaz Bhatti
"It was a pleasure to work with you all today. Thank you for your speed and determination to support Arnaud and Ladorine! Clients solicitors have completed everything, your solicitor will have everything by tomorrow morning."
Debbie Viveiros
"Since learning about Secure (and this type of lending arrangement is very unusual for me) I have used their services three times. All 3 deals were approved within 24 hours and commitments in hand. When I reviewed the package it was neat, clean and tidy and no hidden agenda."
Nathalie Botelho
"Having used Secure Capital for a while, I must say that I am impressed with their service. The underwriters are always willing to help the deals work to the benefit of the clients . And as a mortgage broker, for the past 15 years, being able to reach out to the BDMs is what makes us return to the lenders. Steve is always available to take my calls, always follows up as well. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend Secure Capital."
"Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank you for your quick response and professional services in helping me acquire 2nd mortgages for my clients. Always a pleasure working with you!"
"Secure Capital maintains an extremely simplistic process from underwriting to funding."
Yvonne Thomson
"Thank you so much to my Secure Capital partners. You truly are amazing. Yeah Steve, you too!!"
Catherine Bourbeau
"I just want to say thank you to Steve at Secure Capital MIC for Helping my clients able to obtain their finances during this Pandemic. Your knowledge and excellent service is highly recommended for sure. Looking forward to closing more deals with you. Thank you."
Fred Cooke
"Your communication on this file has been excellent and much appreciated. I have already spread the word around the office to think of you for future deals as I have been impressed throughout this transaction."
Jackie Murray
"Hi Steve, I just wanted to say that dealing with you and Secure Capital has been an easy process and I welcome the opportunity to work with you and Secure Capital in the future."


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